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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Another E. H. Mitchell

We are continuing the theme of exaggerated food, etc. on the front of the post cards. Last week I published a post card from E. H. Mitchell that was printed when only the address was allowed to be written on the back of the post card.
This week, things have progressed. This post card comes from the Divided Back Era of post cards (1907 - 1915). It was actually mailed on August 10, 1910. It shows an entire car overfilled with giant Navel Oranges. The quote on the front says, "A CARLOAD OF NAVEL ORANGES FROM ______" You get to send the post card back to your home town to show them where you are visiting and how wonderfully the fruits in the region grow. The writer of this post card chose not to do that.
The copyright on the post card is 111 years old.
You can find this segment of the post card in the upper left-hand corner of the post card. It is very hard to see. I had to enhance the picture when I scanned it.
You can see here that the address is on the right-hand side and the message is on the left. Compare this to last week's post card. You will see the message at the very bottom of the post card: "Hows this for melons? Roy" Once the United States approved the divided back post card, sales soared and so the Postal Service made quite the income - even at only one cent per card - as people sent more and more post cards through the mail. A great business decision.

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