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Monday, April 23, 2018

One Hundred and Eight Years Ago

From Wikipedia: The Grand Trunk Railway (reporting mark GT) was a railway system that operated in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and in the American states of Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.[1] The railway was operated from headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, with corporate headquarters in London, England (4 Warwick House Street). It cost an estimated $160 million to build. The Grand Trunk, its subsidiaries, and the Canadian Government Railways were precursors of today's Canadian National Railways.

The Grand Trunk station was a historic railroad station in Hamilton, Ontario, which was located on Stuart Street, at the beginning of Caroline Street North. In 1885, an effort was made to beautify the area to the east of the station itself with ornamental gardens. The embankment along Stuart Street provided an opportunity to let passengers passing by to know exactly what city they were in, with the word "Hamilton" written with white stones. You can see this on the embankment to the left of the station and below the white building with the red roof.

The message is Marjorie telling her cousin, Florence, that all is well and that she was the housekeeper while her mother and Martha went to Detroit over Easter. The publisher of the post card, W.G. MacFarland, was a very active post card publisher. If you search for the name you will find quite the number of results, including pictures of his post cards.

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