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Friday, November 24, 2017

One Hundred and Twelve Years Ago Today

The CNoR (this is the official reporting mark, not the C.N.R. on the post card) main line reached Edmonton.
It arrived in Edmonton on November 24, 1905 - just about three months after Alberta became a province in Canada. However it took another 8 years for this railway to reach the British Columbia border past Jasper. During this interval, the CNoR built a number of branch lines in the province, concentrating in central and north central Alberta.

Th post card was mailed on May 22, 1907, just over 110 years ago. The message is from a brother to his sister telling her that she will be surprised to know that he is in Edmonton. He will send more news about how this happened in the future. He did include his mailing address for her to reply.

The post card was made in Germany and published by the Edmonton Music Company. This was before World War I when all trade with Germany came to a screeching halt and the North American printers took up the cause of printing post cards. Notice that it is a "PRIVATE POST CARD", a technical term for the postal service of those days. That is a picture of Edward the 7th on the stamp.

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