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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Then and Now, again

In February I posted on this blogspot about American Falls, Idaho. I did not include any pictures of what it looks like today. So, when I found this post card in my collection I decided to add to the theme started last week: "Then and Now". Here is a post card even older than the one from February. This one was posted in the mail on July 1, 1909. Although it is well after March 1, 1907, the writer obeyed the print on the back of the post card and wrote only the address. The message is on the front: "Cheyenne Wy Our train passes this Mary Watkins." This is what American Falls looks like today:
I always find it to be very sad when I cannot find out any information about the printer or the publisher of the post cards in my collection. I am very sad today.

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