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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Burlington Route Limited

This post card tells us very little about it or the train on the front.
We know by reading the caption that the train in the picture is part of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CB&Q)- also known as the Burlington Route. While they do not tell us which one it is, they do tell us that it is part of a "Limited Train".

A limited train refers to the number of stations that are visited as the train travels from the beginning to the end of its route. A limited train will have a limited number of stops on the route. The other types of trains will stop much more often to pick up passengers while others disembark.

All I could find regarding the CB&Q's limited trains is below:

Named passenger trains operated by the CB&Q included:
• Chicago Limited (Chicago to Denver) The distance it traveled was 1035 miles. I don't know the years it operated.
• Denver Limited (Denver to Chicago) It is kind of like the same train as above but going in the opposite direction. I know it was running (and, therefore, the Chicago Limited, too) in 1912. The following incident happened near Chicago, Illinois in 1912:
Chicago, July 15. - Fourteen persons met almost instant death, two died while being rushed to
hospitals and 40 others were injured when the Omaha mail train on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
railroad, going at a speed of nearly 60 miles an hour, crashed into the rear end of the Denver
limited passenger train No. 2 at Western Springs, Ill., 18 miles west of Chicago.

Two other Limited trains operated by the C,B&Q were:
• Nebraska Limited (Chicago to Lincoln) This train could go the 550 miles in 9 hours
• North Coast Limited (Chicago to Minneapolis) This one operated from April 29, 1900 to May 1, 1971. The route was 2300 miles long.

So, while I am not sure which of the Limited trains was photographed here, I believe that is was intentional that the company didn't mention any particular one so they could sell this post card on all of them.

When we turn the post card over, we see the logo of the CB&Q.

In the bottom left of the post card the words "THIS SIDE IS FOR ADDRESS ONLY" tells us that this post card was printed after 1900 and prior to March 1, 1907. There is no indication about who the printer of the card was, but when I add this to my collection, I will mark the publisher as the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

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