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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Little Confusion

The title on this post card say that it is a picture of the First Bridge in Ogden Canyon, Utah. Ogden is the town at which the Lucin Cut-off begins as the trains head west across the Great Salt Lake. It was included on the Transcontinental Railroad by the Union Pacific Railroad when it raced across the country to meet the Central Pacific Railroad just north of Ogden at Promontory Point. However, back to the title. It says that this picture is taken in Ogden Canyon. When I searched for Ogden Canyon on line, I found a route that goes from a reservoir of water down the hill to Ogden. There was no set of tracks anywhere to be seen.

I think that this is actually a bridge on the Transcontinental Railroad in Weber Canyon. (By the way, Weber is pronounced "Weeber" in case anyone asks. It was named after a trapper who hunted in the area.) The Union Pacific followed this canyon into Ogden as it built the railroad across the country. It built many bridges and tunnels in order to make the journey safe for the steam engines.
This post card is also published by Edward H. Mitchell. This makes three weeks in a row that an Edward H. Mitchell post card is in this blog. He was a very prolific publisher. BUT, I notice that the way his name is displayed on the back of the card is different from the previous two cards. Usually, his name is up the left hand side of the post card. On this one it is on the bottom left. He is listed as the publisher, too, not the printer.

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