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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The End of the Line

This is the last of the Pikes Peak post cards I will blog about in this series. I start with the youngest of the cards in my collection and worked my way back in history. The farther back I went in time, the less I knew about the post cards, their publishers and their printers. That includes this one.

This post card is number 113 in the embossed series of post cards about which I have been writing.

The picture on the front includes as a background the state flower of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Columbine, also known as the Aquilegia saximontana. The post card calls it the Colorado Columbine. The picture includes a donkey, this was a popular way to climb to the top of Pikes Peak for the adventurous. There is still a club dedicated to preserving the donkey near Pikes Peak; you can find out about these people at:

Of course, the train, the building at the top and the observation platform have to be included. Below the picture, the printer reminds us that the top of the peak is 14,147 feet above sea level.

The back of the card does not tell much of anything, but it does confirm that it is part of the series of embossed post cards.

I have been collecting more post cards for my collection while I have been blogging about Pikes Peak. The next series of blogs will be about these cards so that I can catalog them and put them into my collection - getting closer to 3,000 every day.

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