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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just One More

I know that in my last blog post I said that I am going to be writing about the post cards I have collected while I was focused on Pikes Peak. Well, wouldn't you know it... the first card I pick up is this one.
Two women at the top of Pikes Peak enjoying the sunrise. It isn't exactly a train post card, but it is about Pikes Peak, which relates it to my train post card collection. It looks like it is 100% hand drawn - not photography at all. It is old, however, so I like it. This card is from the Divided Back Era (1907-1915). It might be from the later part of that era. Maybe they discovered that by putting the title at the bottom on a white background they were saving money in ink. The title on this one is "2056 - SUNRISE FROM PIKE'S PEAK, COLORADO."
The back of the post card tells us that it was published by the Great Western Post Card Company in Denver, Colorado. It was printed in Leipzig, Germany. Many post cards published in the United States were printed in Germany, where the printing processes were well developed. Just before World War One broke out one hundred years ago this year, some of that technology was brought to the States. The company that printed this card was started in 1908. So, we can date this card to have been printed between 1908 and 1914. The fashionable coats worn by the women might tell us the same thing.

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