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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chrome Cards

The theme of these post cards, as mentioned in my last blog, is Pikes Peak. The ages of these cards range from the 1950s to the 1970s.

This collection of post cards is from the modern version of post cards. They are what are called chrome post cards. In 1946 Kodak stared to produce and market Ektachrome transparent film. Kodachrome was used to make photographs and Ektachrome was used to make slides. I remember sitting through many home slide shows of our family vacations and other family activities. The pictures that we were able to blow up to the size of the wall of our living room were still very clear – they were not what we would call today pixilated at all.
In the case of these post cards those very clear pictures that could be projected also make extremely clear pictures on card stock. There is also a very smooth and shiny finish on the cards that protect the picture from handprints, etc. The finish on most of the post cards you can buy today look very similar to these cards.
The printers and publishers represented on these cards include:

Printers – Mike Roberts
Rembrant Cards
Dexter Press
Curt Otto Teich

Publishers – Pikes Peak News Agency
Noble of Colorado Springs, CO
Sanborn Souvenir
Cooper Post Card Co.
Altitude Publishing of Aurora, CO

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