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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Other Two Royal Gorge Observation Cars

These are the two other post cards I mentioned in my blog last week.
The top one is from October 4, 1905 (prior to March 1, 1907 after which you could write a message on the back of the post cards), so the message is on the front of the post card. Charles is telling Helen (the addressee) that he and Mary rode on the car in the picture through the Royal Gorge that day. There is no indicator about who the publisher or printer are.
The bottom card is postally unused. However, it is from post March 1, 1907 because there is room for the message on the back. The back also tells us that the Carson-Harper Company of Denver Colorado printed the card. When you compare the two backs, you can see that the words POST and CARD are in the same font style.

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