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Saturday, June 7, 2014

So Many Good Things...

There are so many good things about this post card. The first, of course, is that there is a picture of a train on it!!

The second good thing is the quality of the linen paper on which it is printed. It exudes quality. You can see and feel the linen easily. There is no doubting that there is texture to the surface of this card.

Thirdly, The quality of the print job. I can read the word "OBSERVATION" on the top of the observatory tower without a magnifying glass. The cogs in the middle of the two tracks are very clearly there. With a magnifying glass, I can read, "Manitou & Pikes Peak" on the side of the engine.

The back of the post card is just as wonderful. It very clearly states that this card was printed by the Curt Teich Company using their patented "C.T. Art-Colortone" method for the Sanborn Souvenir Company in Denver, Colorado.

Best of all, it actually dates the card for us!! The number above the word POST in POST CARD tells us this information. The card was printed in the 1930s (the letter A); 1937 to be exact (the number 7) and it was the 602nd print run of that year. The letter H confirms that yes, indeed, this is a linen post card. In 1937 there were 3,989 print runs of linen cards by the Curt Teich Company. Using mathematical principals of deduction, we can guess that this card was printed sometime near the end of February or the beginning of March of that year.

Oh, yeah. It is a very nice picture on the front, too.

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