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Friday, August 2, 2013

Way Up North - part two

Here is part two of the previous post. This is the post card in my collection that looks just like the picture on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad's website.
This is not a very good scan of the post card. It is a picture of, as is written on the front of the card, "Steel Cantilever Bridge over Dead Horse Gulch". I know that it is on the White Pass and Yukon Railway because the message on the back says, "You'll be glad to hear that we missed the ride on this train - Yukon and White Pass R.R." This confirms for me that the post card in Way Up North - Part One is of this bridge on this railroad.

The post card was printed by Gowan Sutton. They were a publisher of real photo and printed postcards of the Canadian West. Not only did they produce cards depicting large cities, they captured many hard to reach views within the Canadian Territories. Many of their cards were hand tinted in a simple manner striving for style rather than realism, which created cards in vastly differing quality. While the real photo cards were made in Canada their printed cards were made in England. They were in business from 1921 to 1960 in Vancouver.

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