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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


That isn't Mount Ogden!! That is Mount Stephen!

But, don't worry. This mistake was not made by my hero, Byron Harmon. This is a post card that is two and a half inches wide and four inches long. I can tell by the printing at the bottom of the post card that this is NOT Byron's handiwork. The script is way too fancy.

But, let us look at the post card, anyway. This is a beautiful shot of Mt. Stephen. It was named after George Stephen, the first president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Through my 15 power magnifying glass, I can see that there are two engines pulling the passenger train up the canyon and about to enter Mt. Ogden. It is in Mt. Ogden that the Lower Spiral Tunnel is located. As you look a the front of the train, you can see that it is about to pass a white sign, the sign says, "YOHO". That is the name of the station at which the Lower Spiral Tunnel is located. Yoho is the name of the National Park in which all of this is situated, but it is also a Cree word that means wonderful or awesome. A great description for this area of the world.

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