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Friday, March 15, 2013

Working Hard!!

Once again, we are in the Kicking Horse Canyon. I have chased trains for many years in this area. There are some areas where the highway is right next to the railroad tracks and others up high where some very spectacular views can be had. I know from my own experience why Byron Harmon would have so many pictures of trains taken in this area. PLUS, it is close to Banff, his adopted home town.

In this picture There are two engines puling a passenger train up the hill toward Banff, after passing Field, Yoho, Stephen, Divide and a few other stations. I tried to read the numbers on these engines with my magnifying glass, but could not. I can't even see the wheel arrangements clearly, but it looks like they could be either 2-6-0s or 2-6-2s.

Letting my imagination carry me away, I like to think that Bryon was spotted by the first engineer who is blowing his whistle to recognize Byron and his camera's presence.

Again, more about Byron from the website:

Harmon reached the peak of his career in the early 1920’s. Although by this time his participation with the Alpine Club had petered off, he was organising his own mountaineering trips with purely photographic objectives, allowing him to seek out the ideal situations for mountain photography. As well, his work had gained national and even international recognition.

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